Using Google Analytics with Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

For information on creating a tracker ID, go to Google Analytics.
  1. If you are creating a new account, create a tracker ID:
    1. Create a new account for Mobile app tracking.
    2. Specify Account Name, App Name, Category and Time Zone and click Get Tracking ID. This creates the account and tracker ID.
  2. If you are using an existing account, create a tracker ID:
    1. Create a new property under that account to get a Tracker ID.
    2. Select Mobile app to track.
    3. Specify Tracking Method as Google Analytics Services SDK.
    4. Specify App Name, Category and Time Zone.
    5. Click Get Tracking ID.
  3. To set up Ecommerce reports, see the Google page: Set Up Ecommerce Tracking.
  4. Set Up Analytics for Endless Aisle.
  5. To gather data for Google Analytics, the Endless Aisle app sends events, which are incorporated in the Endless Aisle app code.

    Look at app/lib/googleAnalytics.js to see additional events that can be fired. The following is a sample event:

      category : _L('Basket'),
      action : _L('Add All To Basket'),
      label : currentProduct.getName() + ' (' + productIds.join(', ') + ')'
  6. To view analytics information, log in to Google Analytics.
  7. View some common statistics:
    Option Description
    To see Go to
    what version my stores are using Audience > App Version
    which stores are using Endless Aisle Behavior -> Overview -> Event Category -> Store -> Login
    which associates have logged in Behavior -> Overview -> Event Action -> Associate Login -> Users
    which customers to search for Behavior -> Overview -> Event Category -> Search -> Customer Search
    common search strings Behavior -> Overview -> Event Category -> Search -> Product Search
    which products are being viewed Behavior -> Overview -> Event Category -> Products -> Product View
    which products have been added to basket Behavior -> Overview -> Event Category -> Basket -> Add to Basket
    which customers have been added by associates using Endless Aisle Behavior -> View full report for Event Category -> Customer -> Create New User
    all transaction data Conversion -> Ecommerce -> Transactions
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