Common Recommendation Validator Errors

Here are some of the common errors that sometimes occur, and how to fix them, when using the Recommendation Validator.

Error Type Error Repair
Data Error Availability allocation is defined as 0 on a base product in Business Manager.
  • Remove inventory definitions when possible. This action results in an allocation of N/A.
  • If base product ID allocation is required, define a valid amount of allocation (for example, 100).
Data doesn’t appear for the Einstein Dashboard in the Reports and Dashboards tool. Obtaining data for the Einstein Dashboard depends on viewProduct and viewReco events firing properly. If data doesn’t appear in the Einstein Dashboard, make sure that you’re using the correct isobject statement.
  • viewProduct event—Check the global product detail page template for the <isobject object="${product}" view="detail"> statement.
  • viewReco—Check content slots for the <isobject object="${product}" view="recommendation"> statement.
Storefront Error
isn’t firing.
Make sure to use <isobject object="${product}" view="detail"> on global product detail page templates.
isn’t firing.
Make sure that you use <isobject object="${product}" view="recommendation"> in your content slots
Note: For Page Designer implementations, Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) versions 6.0 and higher include the code necessary to properly set object context.
isn’t firing.

Use the Validator to check for clickReco. If it's missing, check the page with the recommendations that you clicked for viewReco.

If viewReco is there, make sure that its product ID matches the product ID in the viewProduct activity on the page after you click. If the IDs don't match, ensure that the isobject tag is configured correctly.

The incorrect price is displaying because of base product price definitions. Fix the template API to call on variation price definitions instead of the base product ID.
isn’t firing.
If you use an isobject tag when rendering each product tile, the tracking of these events happens automatically. If the events don't fire, check the product tile code.
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