Manage Images

Use the Image Management System to create a matrix of internal or external images that are associated with products.

There is no limit to the number of attributes you can use. For example, you can specify an image by color + fabric + size range. However, the hierarchy must be consistent. For example, you can't specify an image by color + fabric + size range on one branch and by color + size range + fabric on another.

Note: If the image json created for product images exceeds the 10 MB limit, an exception error is returned.

You can use multiple levels of variation attributes, for example, color, size, and length, the combination of which creates a multi-level hierarchical structure of images. You can represent individual combinations by a unique set of images for the large, medium, small, and swatch view types. For example, black, size 6, and short jeans. See Working with Image Variants.

Note: Don't use special characters, such as umlauts in file names, in image file names because it causes site import and export failure.
Note: You can also access images programmatically. See the Salesforce B2C Commerce API documentation.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. On a site's Products page, search for and open a product.
  3. Before you edit a product, on the Product page General tab, click Lock. See Defining Product and Content Locking.

    This table shows the effect of editing the product types:

    Product type The Image Management pane shows
    Main or variation product Four basic levels: variation values, variation attributes, view types, and images, with multiple levels of variation attributes and values.
    Standard product Two levels: view types and images
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Edit button in the Images section.
  5. On the Images window, specify how you want your images structured. For example, you can assign unique images based on color and size.
    The Product image window shows up to 1000 folders. If there are more than 1000 folders, you can filter by folder name.

    The Images window has three panes: Image Manager on the left, Images in the middle, and File Browser on the right.

    1. In the Image Manager pane, select a product attribute.
      The images assigned to the selected product type attribute appear in the Images pane.
    2. To assign images to the selected product attribute, click Edit.
    3. On the Variation Attributes window, select one or more available variation attributes and click OK.

      See Working with Image Variants.

      The Image Manger pane reappears, showing the new variation attributes.
  6. Assign images to product attributes.
    1. Select a product, product variation, or product variation attribute in the Image Manager pane.
      The images assigned to the selected product attribute appear in the Images pane.
    2. On the File Browser pane, locate an image.
      You can also click the open icon (>>) to open the File Browser pane.
    3. Drag an image from this window into the appropriate view type in the Images pane.
  7. In the Images pane, specify the language to be used with the Alt and Title fields.
  8. Specify the following fields.
    Option Description
    Path Enter the path. This field is mandatory and must not be null. B2C Commerce doesn't check if the path is valid.
    Alt Enter the localizable alternative text. Use the Select language field to switch between the localized values.
    Title Enter the localizable title. Use the Select language field to switch between the localized values.
  9. Click Save.
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