Removing Outdated Objects

How you remove outdated objects depends on whether you enrich the data from your backend system with more attributes in Business Manager or not and on the type of business object you want to remove. Salesforce B2C Commerce generally recommends creating feeds of objects to delete, imported using the DELETE mode, to safely remove all types of objects, regardless of whether they have enriched data or not.

Removing Catalog Objects

Most merchants import product objects from a backend feed and then enrich the objects in Business Manager with URLs or other web-specific attributes. In this case, the usual import mode is MERGE. If the backend system generates import feeds that don't track what objects are removed, but include fewer products, the removed objects are not removed from the database. If so, you need some way to delete the objects.

You have the following options to delete catalog objects:

You can choose to remove the entire catalog or all custom attributes before import. But the instance doesn't contain full data while the feed is being imported. If the import feed isn't successful, only the data that was successfully imported exists in your instance database. This approach isn't recommended for production systems. However, this strategy can be useful if you have different seasonal catalogs and you want to replace all the products. You can also use this strategy if you have multiple catalogs on staging. For example, you have one catalog that is populated only by external vendors and that you want to delete, whereas for your custom storefront catalog you want to run an UPDATE to preserve the changes made already on STAGING.

Removing Other Objects

You have the following options to delete objects:

  • DELETE feed - You can create a feed containing objects you want to delete and import it using the DELETE mode. This approach is recommended, because this mechanism can be used with all types of objects and doesn't affect enriched data.
  • Business Manager object delete - you can delete the objects in Business Manager. This approach isn't recommended, unless you have only a few objects to delete.

Removing custom meta Data

The meta data import wizard in Business Manager provides an option to delete all meta data before the actual import. This option allows you to automatically delete existing meta data and use the MERGE or UPDATE mode for a faster import.

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