Inventory Pipelets

Use the following pipelets to modify or extend the inventory implementation in the SiteGenesis application. They provide convenient methods and properties for getting and setting inventory record values.

Pipelet Description

Reserves the inventory for each product line item of the specified LineItemCtnr. The reserved inventory is automatically finalized with the commit of the order creation transaction (encloses the CreateOrder pipelet).

If no inventory finalization takes place within 10 minutes, the reservation expires. The pipelet cleans up existing reservations for the LineItemCtnr before it's called again. The reserved inventory doesn't count toward the current stock level.

Note: This pipelet should only be used for the inventory reservation during an order creation.

Imports inventory lists from the given import file in the specified mode. The result of the import operation is represented by the Status output property. The pipelet returns to the error connector if a process error occurred when executing the import.

A process error prevents or interrupts the basic execution of the import. An example of a process error is when the specified import file doesn't exist on the file system.

Client code should consult the Status object details to determine if there were any problems importing the individual data within the import file.

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