Sub-Pipeline : LoadFilesFromHTTP

Review the LoadFilesFromHTTP sub-pipeline when scheduling inventory imports.

Pipelet : Script (bc_api). Calls GetFilesFromHttpServer.ds

Variable Type Comment
@input ConnectionUrl String of the server URL including protocol
@input Login String The login for authentication
@input Password String The password for authentication
@input SortDirection String 'ASCENDING' or 'DESCENDING'
@input NamePattern String The pattern for the filenames (use ".*" to get all)
@input ServerPath String the directory path at the server
@input importLogger Object import logger input for import logger
@Output FileList dw.util Collection The files matching the pattern
@Output StatusCode Number The servers status code
@Output StatusMessage String The servers status message
@Output importLogger Object import logger debug output for import logger
@Output importError Object import error error output for import logger

Continue after calling node.

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