Localization Considerations

Most elements of the Business Manager user interface are localizable. You see the configured language throughout the application. However, there are some situations where localization isn't possible

The following table describes situations where localization isn't possible.

Element Description
Attributes used for column titles in grids Attributes defined by a customer in the database appear as they were entered. Some column headers in an otherwise localized grid appear untranslated.
Attributes used for section and field labels Attributes defined by the customer in the database that are used on many pages as field labels, appear untranslated. On a page with many such custom attributes, 90% of the page could appear untranslated.
Site IDs in breadcrumb and other strings The site ID on a History tab or in breadcrumbs aren't translated.
Country names used in the Store Locator In the Store Locator, country names come from the GeoLocationPO database and are not translated.
Order status Order status names are customer-defined and are not translated.
Tooltips text defined in the database Text beneath the dividing line of some tooltips comes from the customer's database and isn't translated.
Permissions managed in the database In the Roles & Permissions module, descriptions for the different permissions are defined in the customer database and are not translated.
Third-party data and proper names

Third-party data and names are not translated, for example, the calendar to enter the start or end date of a campaign is in English. It's part of GWT and not accessible for localization.

Object types from auditing framework: On the Customer Groups page, for example, a variable inside the description of a group isn't translated. Such object types can't be translated because they come from inside the auditing framework.
UI elements coming from the browser: The browser controls the Browse button. This button isn't localizable from within Business Manager.
Internal exceptions: Errors caused by exceptions outside of Business Manager are not translated. For example, an error such as, "Start node not found (ManageCustomGMVReports) for pipeline (ViewCustomizationImpex)." is untranslated.
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