Create Page Designer Localization Resource Bundles

A resource bundle contains the localized names and descriptions for each page type, component type, and component type group that you want to localize. Including a resource bundle is optional. If you don’t provide them, the visual editor uses information in the meta definition files.

Each page type, component type group, and component type requires a separate resource bundle.

Name the resource bundle files using this pattern:

<componenttype/pagetype/componenttypegroup> _<locale>.properties

Put the resource bundles for page types and component types in this location in the cartridge:



Put resource bundles for component type groups within a componentgroup subdirectory: <your_cartridge>/cartridge/templates/resources/experience/componentgroups

If the page type and component type files are located in a subdirectory of the ../experience/pages or ../experience/components directories, the resource bundles must be located in a corresponding subdirectory of the resources directory.

Table 1.
Page Type, Component Type, Component Group Resource Bundle in Cartridge
mycartridge/cartridge/experience/components/banners/headlinebanner.json myBMcartridge/cartridge/templates/resources/experience/components/banners/
mycartridge/cartridge/experience/pages/promopage.json myBMcartridge/cartridge/templates/resources/experience/pages/
mycartridge/cartridge/experience/pages/promotions/promopage.json myBMcartridge/cartridge/templates/resources/experience/pages/promotions/
content myBMcartrige/cartridge/templates/resources/experience/componentgroups/

Example Resource Bundle for a Page Type

name=Promotional Page
description=A promotional page with header, main area and footer.

Example Resource Bundle for a Component Type

description=A banner that allows to configure which image to show in a sizable manner. Image Configuration
attribute_definition_group.image.description=You can define the image file, size and alt text for the banner image.
attribute_definition.image.description=The image shown by the banner. Alt Text
attribute_definition.alt.description=The image alt text.
attribute_definition.size.description=The banner size.

Example Resource Bundle for a Component Type Group

The resource bundle for a component type group contains only the name value of the group.

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