Globally Excluded Products

You can globally exclude products from all promotions, without configuring excluded products for every promotion. You can then individually choose whether you want globally excluded products to qualify for a promotion, by setting the Disable Global Excluded Product flag. Global exclusions are enabled by default for new promotions.

For example, you globally excluded Product-1. A shopper has the following in their cart:

SKU Quantity Price
Product-1 1 $10
Product-2 1 $50
Product-3 1 $40

You configured the product promotion, Get 10% on any product.

Keep in mind, when global exclusions are enabled:

Merchandise Total

Product exclusions, whether global or individual, don't count toward the merchandise total used to trigger a promotion. For example, with the following promotion, Spend $100 and get a 10% discount on qualifying products, excluded products aren't counted.

SKU Price
Product-1 $50
Product-2 (excluded) $10
Product-3 $40

The shopper doesn't receive the promotion because the total isn't $100 or more with the $10 excluded.

Globally excluded products don't contribute to the merchandise total for shipping promotions based on amount of qualifying products. They also don’t count toward promotions based on number of qualifying products.


If you want... Open the global product exclusion rule and...
To exclude products of brand NoRebates from all promotions Define a condition 'brand equals NoRebates'
To use a product flag FixPrice to indicate whether a product must be excluded from all promotions Define a condition 'custom.FixPrice is true'
To exclude a list of 50 SKUs that will never have any discounts Paste the 50 SKUs into the Product ID value field
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