Sample Extensions for Promotions

These are some ways you can extend Salesforce B2C Commerce to meet your unique campaign and promotion requirements:

If you want to... The implementation might look like...
Display popup storefront ads for a featured campaign
  • Create additional attributes that the merchant or marketer can manage by entering text to be used as a popup window title and HTML to be used to populate the window body.
  • Define the business logic the system will use to determine when, where and which popup ad to show if more than one is defined.

Implement dynamic messaging in the cart for order promotions, such as:

Spend X more and be eligible for an additional 10% off

  • Define additional attributes that merchant can use to control message text and identify custom threshold values.
  • Define the business logic used to dynamically calculate how much more a consumer must spend to qualify for an order promotion discount.
  • Define the presentation logic for rendering the dynamic message in the cart.
Map promotions to print catalogs
  • Use the source code framework to implement this functionality, which also lets the merchant trigger the pricing (using price books) and promotions featured in that catalog, and define storefront redirect behavior.
  • Create source codes.
  • Map source codes to promotions, price books.
  • Add a text entry box to the storefront where consumers can provide the catalog source code.
Attach images to promotions as attention grabbers within the storefront
  • Create icons that represent hot deals or free shipping, for example.
  • Map these images to the general image attribute for each promotion.
  • Define the presentation logic and handling of these images in the storefront.
Implement custom landing pages for campaigns or promotions that are featured in email campaigns
  • Create custom landing page content assets.
  • Define logic for rendering content asset on a custom landing page.
  • Share links to custom landing pages with the marketing team.
  • Consider using the source code framework. This framework already contains logic to handle a link that redirects to specified page (custom landing page). Additionally, the link can activate the associated promotions and price books. Analytics for source code conversion is standard functionality.
Modify how promotions are processed
  • Modify the CalculateCart.ds script to meet your requirements.
Note: Modification details will depend on your specific implementation.

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