Preview Recommender Output

After adding or changing a recommender, you can preview the recommender output to see how the resulting list of recommendations appears to shoppers.

When a shopper views a specific product on your storefront, the system automatically passes certain anchors, or information about a product or product category, to Commerce Cloud Einstein. Depending on the recommender type that you want to preview, you sometimes must specify product anchors, the a product name or product ID, or category anchors, the product category, to preview output.

In the Preview tab, when you specify anchors it simulates shopper activity or selections on your site. Einstein uses this information to generate a preview of the recommendations a shopper sees that’s, based on the anchor information you provide.

For example, to preview Product to Product or Complete the Set recommender output, select at least one product anchor. To preview Products in a Category recommender output, specify at least one category anchor.

Using the anchor information provided, Commerce Cloud Einstein returns a list of recommendations appropriate for that product or set of products.

To preview a recommender's output:

  1. In a web browser, access the Einstein Configurator.
  2. Log in to the Einstein Configurator tool using the credentials your administrator provided.
  3. Click the Recommenders tab.
  4. In the table, click a recommender to select it.
    The page for that recommender opens.
  5. Click the Preview tab.
  6. For certain recommenders, enter information outlined in this table in the Preview filter field:
    Recommender Specify
    Product to Product One or more product anchors (a product name or ID).
    Products in a Category One or more category anchors (category IDs).
    Complete the Set One or more product anchors (a product name or ID).
    Note: Other recommenders don't require an anchor to preview recommender output.
  7. Click Go.
    The page shows any products returned by the recommender.
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