Set Up Express and Multi-Step Checkout

With Salesforce Payments, you can configure Express Checkout and Multi-Step payment methods. Express checkout options include PayPal, Apple Pay or Pay Now. Multi-Step Checkout options include credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, SEPA Debit, iDEAL, EPS, Klarna, Afterpay, and BanContact payment services. Express and Multi-Step Payment services are available in any country where Stripe and PayPal support them.

  1. In Business Manager, select a site.
  2. Select Merchant Tools > Ordering > Salesforce Payments.
  3. To activate Express and Multi-step checkout, click Configure.
  4. Select a checkout method, Express, Multi-Step, or both.
  5. Select the payment services you want to offer.
  6. Click Next.
    You’re prompted to acknowledge your selection.

    The following are based on the payment modes selected for activation.

    • If you activated Express Checkout, the credit cards payment method is automatically enabled for express checkout transactions. Many express checkout payment methods, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, use credit cards. The express checkout enablement has no impact on the methods enabled for mutli-step checkout.
    • After you activate Multi-Step Checkout, you can no longer manage payment methods and processors via Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Methods or Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Processors. Use Merchant Tools > Ordering > Salesforce Payments.
    Note: When you deactivate multi-step checkout on a site, shopper payment information doesn't migrate between B2C Commerce and Stripe. Any payment account information that was stored in Stripe before the site was deactivated isn't available or viewable in the registered shopper’s account on the storefront.
  7. Click Activate.
    The Salesforce Payments page shows with a notification of your successful payment method activation. By default, the associated payment services are selected. For example:
    • For Express Checkout, Apple Pay and Pay Now are selected by default. PayPal is selected if a PayPal account is linked.
    • For Multi-Step Checkout, the credit card service is selected by default.
  8. (Optional) You can check to select or deselect one or more of the associated payment services offered at your site.

    You can’t deselect all Multi-Step payment services and save, an error message is displayed. You can deselect all Express services. For shoppers to complete their payment transactions, you must activate Express Checkout or Multi-Step Checkout, select one or more payment services and click Save.

  9. (Optional) If you selected the Apple Pay payment method and you want to register your Apple Pay domain, click Manage Apple Pay Domains. See Register an Apple Pay Domain.
    If you activate Apple Pay without adding a domain, you can add the domain later via Settings. Save the Apple Pay selection before you add an Apple Pay domain. Also, the host at the domain must have a valid, trusted, and active SSL certificate.
  10. Select the payment services you want offered on your site.
    During checkout, activated payment services are based on the currency of the shopper’s basket. Your site can use multiple currencies. For details on how customers can check out baskets in their preferred purchase currencies, see Multi-Currency Sites.
  11. Click Save.
  12. (Optional) Edit a Payment Zone assignment.
    1. Select Merchant Tools > Ordering > Salesforce Payments.
    2. Locate the Payment Zone assignment you want to edit, click the dropdown, and select Edit.
    3. Modify the payment options.
    4. Click Save.
  13. (Optional) To deactivate the Express Checkout or Multi-Step Checkout methods
    1. Click Configure.
      Note: You can't activate one checkout method and deactivate the other checkout method at the same time.
    2. On the Payments Configuration window, click the payment method that you want to deactivate.
    3. Click Next. A confirmation message appears.
    4. Click Deactivate. The Salesforce Payments page reappears with a confirmation message. If deactivated, be sure to have an alternate payment processor set up. If you don’t have at least one payment processor configured, shoppers can’t pay for purchases and can't check out their purchases.
    5. To reactivate, repeat the activation process.
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