Stemming Exceptions

Stemming reduces a word to a shorter base form, which increases recall in search. For example, if we use stemming at index time, all the words such as locks, locker, and locked are stemmed to lock.

A search for lock returns all the documents that have these different forms of the word. You can configure Salesforce B2C Commerce to automatically overwrite the default stemming for known misspelled terms. For example, the term stem of leggings or bedding is leg and bed, respectively; which, in both cases, is inappropriate, and does not help the consumer find products. Using an exceptions list, the keyword bedding only finds products containing bedding, and the keyword bed only finds products containing bed.

You can specify more than one term for the same stem if you want to consider plural forms or other combinations. For example, the keyword towel finds products containing towels and towel and the keyword towels does the same.

You can create up to 500 exceptions in this list.

Note: Avoid creating duplicate exception definitions.
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