Business Manager Extension Points

You can customize Business Manager user interface elements to meet your storefront information management requirements:

Menu Items

Business Manager has two first-level navigation elements: Administration and Site. A Business Manager menu item is a second-level navigation element in the Business Manager navigation panel. You can decide that you want more menu items than are supplied with Business Manager.

A menu item has the following properties:

Property Usage Description
ID Mandatory, unique identifies the menu item; must be unique across all menu items
Name Mandatory, localizable The caption of the menu item
Description Optional, localizable Describes the menu item; shown at the overview that appears upon selecting the item
Short description Optional, localizable Describes the menu item; used for GUI elements like tool tip texts and status bar messages
Site Optional If True (default), then appears in the Site menu section; otherwise appears in the Administration section
Position Optional Number indicating position of menu item within its main menu (default, last position)
Icon Optional Relative path name of icon image for this menu item; appears in content section when parent main menu item is selected in menu section

Menu Actions

Business Manager menu actions are the third-level navigation element of Business Manager. They are submenu items of Business Manager menu items and are shown on the overview page of a menu item. Selecting a menu action at the overview page leads to the execution of an implemented functionality. Menu actions are the direct connection between the navigation panel and the actual business functionality. For example, the Products menu action is the linking element between the navigation and the list view that shows products.

A menu action has the following properties:

Property Usage Description
ID Mandatory, unique Identifies the menu action; must be unique across all menu actions
Menupath Optional ID of the parent menu item to which this menu action is assigned; must refer to the ID of an existing menu item. The menu item can be in the same bm_extensions.xml file or in a bm_extensions.xml file of another cartridge that is loaded in the same application. If the menupath property refers to an unknown menu item, then the extension framework rejects the menu action and does not display it in the user interface. (This behavior prevents orphan menu items.)
Name Mandatory, localizable The name shown as the caption of the menu action
Description Optional, localizable Description of the menu action; shown at the overview that appears upon selecting the parent menu item
Short description Optional, localizable Shorter description of the menu action; used for GUI elements such as tool tip texts and status bar messages
Site Optional If True (default), the menu item of this menu action appears in the Site menu section; otherwise appears in the Administration section. Value must be the same as the site attribute of the containing menu item (see Menupath property).
Exec Optional Entry pipeline (and start node) to be executed when the menu action is selected
Parameters Optional Some static parameters passed to the exec-pipeline
Sub-pipelines Mandatory List of those pipelines that implement the menu action. All pipelines that are linked inside the menu action's business functionality must be specified here. The exec-pipeline is included.
Support Optional Flag indicating that this menu action is only visible to Commerce Cloud Support (default = false)
Position Optional Number indicating the position of this menu action within its parent menu (default = last position)
Extern Optional Default = false; if true, selecting this menu action causes a new browser window to open
Icon Optional Relative path name of the image for the icon of this menu action; appears in the content section of the parent menu item
Permissions Optional Deprecated since server version 2.6. Required if migrating Business Manager extensions and access privileges from a pre-2.6 version to 2.6

Dialog Actions

Business Manager dialog actions enable you to add new functionality to the pages of a menu action. HTML buttons represent the extension points in which to hook dialog actions. Selecting a corresponding button on pages (templates) executes them. Existing templates contain extension points that are referenced using a unique ID.

Dialog actions have the following properties:

Property Usage Description
ID   Identifies the dialog action; must be unique across all dialog actions
Name Optional Names the action
Extension point reference   ID of the extension point where this action is made accessible by the user
Exec   The pipeline and start node to be executed when a user triggers the action
Menuaction-ref Mandatory The menu action where the dialog action extension is hooked in
Parameters Optional The names of the context parameters whose values are passed as dictionary entries to the executed pipeline
Position Optional A number indicating the position within all the actions linked to the same extension point
Extern Optional Default = false; if true, clicking the button representing this dialog action triggers a new browser dialog to open

Form Extensions

Business Manager form extensions are a way to extend existing Business Manager forms, such as the search form, with more form fields. The values entered into these fields can be of type string, int, or double, and predefined values (options) can be specified for each field.

Note: Business Manager form extensions only support custom attributes; they don't support system attributes.

When the additional fields have been declared in the XML descriptor (bm_extensions.xml), an arbitrary form containing a specific ISML tag (<isformextension ..>) can access that data, or, more specifically, a search form containing another specific ISML tag (<issearchformextension ..>) automatically contains the added (search) fields. To enable this functionality, you must specify a unique ID for the FormExtension in the XML file and in the ISML file that is supposed to use the respective data.

Salesforce recommends that you make every Business Manager form extensible by adding one of these form extension ISML tags, specifying extension IDs to use later in the XML descriptor (bm_extensions.xml). Choose IDs carefully, possibly by including parts of the corresponding pipeline or ISML template name (for example, order-search).

When defining a Business Manager form extension, the following attributes of the <formextension ..> element are specified:

Property Description
ID A unique identifier of this extension

The direct child elements of the <formextension id=".."> tag are <valueinput..> elements. These elements each correspond to an added field and have the following attributes:

Property Usage Description
Type   string, int, or double
Name   The name of the field, also used as the name for the respective GET / POST parameter
Defaultvalue Optional A default value for this field

Child elements must be specified for each <valueinput..> element. One is the <label..> element, which contains a descriptive label for this field. Because it's localizable, multiple <label..> elements can occur at the same level (that is, for the same field or value input). Salesforce recommends that you specify at least one label, preferably with the default locale; attributes are as follows:

xml:lang Any locale ID (for example, en_US), or "x-default" to specify the default label for any locale not specified here explicitly

The <option> element is also available. It has no attributes (and thus is not localizable). Use it to encapsulate any text that could appear as an option for this value input.

Note: If at least one option is specified, the user can no longer enter text freely, but must select from a set of options.
Note: If any options are specified, and a default value is given, this value must be specified as one of the available options.
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