Defining Source Code Groups

In Business Manager, there are two ways to define source code groups: in Business Manager or via import. You can create source-code groups in Business Manager to represent one or more source-codes or source-code specifications.

See Source Code Example to understand how source codes work in the storefront.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Source Code Groups.
    You can right-click links on this grid to perform standard actions such as opening the selection in a new tab or window.
  2. Click New (or click Find to locate an existing source code group).
    You can perform a simple search, or click Advanced Search to perform an advanced search.
  3. On the New/Source-Code Group page, enter (or edit) the following information.
    Option Description
    ID The ID of the Source-Code Group (for example, GARDEN)
    Description A meaningful description of the source-code group.
    Start Date The first date that the source-code group is valid; an unspecified start date means that the source-code group is available immediately.
    End Date The last date that the source code group is valid; an unspecified end date means that the source-code group is valid indefinitely.
    Cookie Duration in Days The number of days that the cookie is stored in the customer session. If no duration is specified, the cookie duration set for the Business Manager: site > Site Preferences > Source-Codes module is used.
    Enabled If checked, indicates that the source-code group is active; unchecked indicates that the source-code group is inactive.
    Campaigns Click Edit to assign a source code group to an entire campaign.
    If you create a source code group in Salesforce B2C Commerce, B2C Commerce uses the time for the site specific timezone. But if you import source code groups, B2C Commerce uses the time for UTC/GMT, and not the site timezone. This might cause the source code group to expire before or after you expect, depending on site timezone.
  4. Click Apply to create (or save) the group. (Click Save As to make a copy of the group.)

    For example, enter GARDENSPR* to encompass all source-codes that begin with the literal 'GARDENSPR'. The newly created source-code specification is listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

    On this page you can also test for matches between source-code specifications and source-code groups, as well as between source-code specifications and source-codes. To test a source-code specification to see if it encompasses a specific source-code:
    1. Enter a source-code specification, then a source-code.
    2. Click Test Match.

      A message appears indicating whether or not the source-code matches the specification.

      "Source-Code 'GARB3' matches Specification 'GAR*[1..50]'."
    3. To check if a source-code is contained in the current source-code group, enter only the source-code and click Test Match.
  5. Click the Codes tab to add source-code specifications to the group.
  6. Enter a source code specification and click Add. A source-code specification can be a literal source-code (made up of alpha-numeric characters, with no spaces) or it can include wildcards, such as:
    Option Description
    Matches any single alpha-numeric character; for example, the specification 'ABC?' would match ABCD and ABC3, but not ABCDE.
    Matches any sequence of alpha-numeric characters; for example, the specification 'ABC*' would match ABCD, ABCDE and ABC123.
    Matches any number between n1 and n2, inclusive; for example, the specification 'ABC[3..22]' would match ABC3, ABC4 and ABC22, but not ABC33 or ABCD.
  7. Click the Redirects tab to use a source code to redirect the customer to a specific product, category or URL.
  8. Click the Attributes tab to associate source codes with custom product attributes.
  9. Click the Price Books tab to associate a source code group to a specific price book.
You can associate a source code group with a promotion that is within a campaign. See Creating a Campaign.
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