Troubleshoot the Storefront Toolkit

You can troubleshoot some common issues with the Storefront Toolkit.

The Storefront Toolkit JavaScript is inserted before the first JavaScript tag in the HTML <head> section of your storefront. If the HTML <head> section contains no JavaScript, the Storefront Toolkit JavaScript is inserted at the end of the <head> section.

The following table lists some problems commonly encountered when you use the Storefront Toolkit, along with potential solutions.

Table 1.
Problem Solution
You try to open a page in the Storefront Toolkit and you get a message that the toolkit failed to initialize.
  • Make sure that you have correctly configured the HTTPS host and that the hostname aliases point to the correct instance using DNS. See Hostname Aliases.
  • Click Storefront to open the storefront. Make sure to use HTTPS in the URL for the storefront. If the browser displays an error regarding an invalid certificate, allow an exception for the certificate.
  • Remove CDATA sections from your HTML storefront code. The Storefront Toolkit doesn't support CDATA.
The Content Information tool doesn't show content and product tags.

It's possible that page markers are missing from the HTML. Add <!-- dwMarker="content" dwContentID="${pdict.Content.UUID}" --> when rendering content assets and <!-- dwMarker="product" dwContentID="${Product.UUID}" --> when rendering products.

The Search Results Window or Product Search Model Window isn't available. Make sure that the isobject tag is correctly implemented. See Enable the Search Information Tool.
The Storefront Toolkit tools show no information. It's possible that the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is removing HTML comments. Disable this feature in the CDN. If you use Cloudflare, see How do I minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to optimize my site?
Toolkit shows an empty storefront.

If anticlickjacking is included in your code, the content of the page can be hidden when opened in an iframe. To resolve this issue, we recommend that you add a custom site preference to disable anticlickjacking on staging or sandbox instances. For more information, see Clickjacking.

You tried all the solutions, but the Storefont Toolkit still doesn't work. Disable and clear the page cache.
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