Job Step ImportShippingMethods
Imports shipping methods in the specified mode.
Execution Context:
Parallel Execution:
Not Supported
Always execute on restart:
Input Parameters
AfterImportFileHandling  :  String (Required)
What to do with the import file after successful or failed import. The handling is not performed if there was a locking problem, or if ImportFailedHandling is ERROR and the file failed to validate.
Allowed Values: Keep, Delete, Archive, Archive Zipped, Archive In Subfolders, Archive Overwrite Existing
Default Value: Archive
ArchiveFolder  :  String (Optional)
Folder to store archived import files. Used when 'AfterImportFileHandling' is 'Archive' or 'Archive Zipped'. Folder location relative to 'IMPEX/' folder. If not defined 'IMPEX/archive/' is used.
Default Value: archive
FileNamePattern  :  String (Optional)
Regular expression pattern to select import files, e.g. 'import_.*\.xml'. Matching files are imported in alphanumerical order. If not defined all files in working folder are imported.
ImportFailedHandling  :  String (Required)
The step exit status that will be used when the import process failed.
Allowed Values: ERROR, WARN
Default Value: WARN
ImportMode  :  ImportMode (Required)
The import mode.
Allowed Values: Merge, Delete, Replace, Update
Default Value: Merge
NoFilesFoundHandling  :  String (Required)
The step exit status that will be used when no matching files were found.
Default Value: NO_FILES_FOUND
WorkingFolder  :  String (Optional)
The folder that contains the import files, relative to the 'IMPEX/src/' folder. If not defined 'IMPEX/src/' is used as working folder.
Exit Status
Step exit status used when the import finished successfully.
Step exit status used when the import failed.
Step exit status used when no files were found and parameter 'NoFilesFoundHandling' is 'NO_FILES_FOUND'.
Step exit status used when the import was not successful and parameter 'ImportFailedHandling' or parameter 'NoFilesFoundHandling' is 'WARN'.
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