AddBonusProductToBasket Adds a bonus product to the Basket associated with the specified BonusDiscountLineItem.
AddCouponToBasket2 Validates the supplied coupon code and, if the coupon code is valid, applies them to the basket.
AddGiftCertificateToBasket Adds a Gift Certificate to a Basket based on the passed in parameters.
AddPaymentInstrumentToBasket Creates a new payment instrument for the basket.
AddProductToBasket Adds a Product to the Basket.
CreateBasketForOrderEdit Creates a Basket from an existing Order for the purposes of changing an Order.
CreateBillingAddress Creates and returns a new Address and assigns it to the billing address property of the Basket.
CreateShipment Creates a new shipment with the given ID for the given Basket.
CreateShippingAddress Creates a new empty Address and attaches it to the given Shipment.
GetBasket Returns the basket of the current user.
RemoveBasketPaymentInstrument Deletes one or multiple payment instruments.
RemoveCouponLineItem The pipelet removes the supplied CouponLineItem from its line item container.
RemoveGiftCertificateLineItem Removes a gift certificate line item from the basket
RemoveProductLineItem The pipelet removes the supplied ProductLineItem from its line item container.
ReplaceLineItemProduct Replaces the current product of the specified product line item with the specified product.
SetShippingMethod Assigns the provided ShippingMethod to the provided Shipment.
StartCheckout Register a "start checkout" event for the specified basket.
UpdateProductLineItemQuantity Updates the supplied ProductLineItem with the supplied Quantity.
VerifyPaymentCard This pipelet is used to verify payment card information.
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