1 Forms Tutorial: Create Form Definition

Create a form definition that defines the Interests input fields, the Newsletter select box and the Apply button and how they are handled.
  1. In UX Studio, from the Navigator view, select the cartridge/forms/default directory in the SiteGenesis Storefront Core cartridge.
  2. Click File > New and select File.
  3. Enter the file name interests.xml in the New File dialog box and click Finish.
  4. Enter the following XML code:

    < ?xml version="1.0"?>

    < form>

    <field formid="outerwear" label="forms.preferences.001" type="boolean" binding="interestOuterwear" />

    <field formid="footwear" label="forms.preferences.002" type="boolean" binding="interestFootwear" />

    <field formid="newsletter" label="forms.preferences.004" type="boolean" binding="newsletter" />

    <action formid="apply" valid-form="true" />

    < /form>

  5. Click File > Save or the Save icon to save the file.
    You reference this file from the editinterests.isml template.
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