5 Forms Tutorial: Modify the Pipeline

Now link your new and changed components within the Customer pipeline so that the application can process these fields.

  1. Add a new subpipeline Account-EditPreferences to the Customer pipeline (that you referred to in the accountoverview template), as show in the following graphic.

  2. Open the Customer pipeline.
  3. Locate a blank area in which to add the subpipeline.
  4. Drag a Start node from the palette into the blank area.
  5. Add nodes using the parameters in the following table. Add these nodes in the same order as the table except for the jump to Account-EditPreferences node, which should be beside the UpdateFormWithObject pipelet.
    Option Description

    Call Mode: "Public"

    Secure Connection Required: "false

    Name: "EditPreferences"


    Dynamic: "false"

    Pipeline: "Login-RequireLogin"

    Call Mode: "Private"

    Name: "RequireLogin"

    Secure Connection Required: "false"

    Pipelet: ClearFormElement Form element: "CurrentForms.preferences"
    Pipelet: UpdateFormWithObject 

    Clear: "false"

    Form: "CurrentForms.preferences"

    Object: "CurrentCustomer.profile"

    Custom Label: "Profile"

    Interaction Continue

    Secure Connection Required: "false"

    Start name: "submitPreferences"

    Dynamic Template: "false"

    Template: "account/user/editpreferences"

    Pipelet:  UpdateObjectWithForm

    Form: "CurrentForms.preferences"

    Object: "CurrentCustomer.profile"

    Jump Pipeline: "Account-Show"
  6. Use transitions to link these components to each other as in the previous graphic.
  7. For the transition between the Interaction Continue node and the UpdateObjectWithForm pipelet, set the Connector name to apply.

    The final Jump node of the Account-EditPreferences subpipeline returns to the Account-Show subpipeline to continue processing the Account-EditPreferences subpipeline from the accountlanding content asset, which is called by the Account-Show subpipeline.

  8. Your pipeline should look as follows:

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