Common Page Components

In addition to the development components, the SiteGenesis application pages include other components, from which you can customize your storefront. They include:

Page Component Description
Page types (pt_<name>.isml)

Page types define a framework for different page layouts, in effect acting as a page template. Some examples are:

  • Cart
  • Category
  • Checkout
  • Compare
  • Contentsearchresult
  • Customerservice
  • Productdetails

You can add additional page types as needed by creating pt_<name>.css files that define the look and feel of your customized page (for example, fonts, colors and display properties).

See SiteGenesis and CSS.

Business Manager content assets

Business Manager content assets are the portion of storefront pages (for example, HTML snippets and images) that must be regularly updated to keep the site fresh. This information is accessible via Business Manager because merchants and other business-level users must be able to update it without learning Studio or having to deploy

cartridge code.

See Content.

Static (or resource) files

Include CSS, image and JavaScript files. They are stored in Salesforce B2C Commerce's shared file system. To reference these files, specify the path and filename.

See SiteGenesis and CSS and B2C Commerce JavaScript.

When supporting multiple locales, each locale will have its own subdirectory.

See Localization.


Common storefront hyperlinks either link within a site to product, category, cart, checkout or content pages; or link to external sites. Because most B2C Commerce pages are dynamically generated, hyperlinks to these pages do not directly reference a specific HTML page. Instead, they trigger pipelines that generate the storefront pages as a response.

Use the dw.web.URLUtils class to dynamically generate a URL inside a link, using the protocol that triggered the pipeline (HTTP, HTTPS)

See the API documentation for more information.

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