Configuring Studio Views

You can configure views to show elements based on filter settings. Click the down-arrow in the upper right corner of a view to access these settings.

The settings are as follows:

Setting Description
Link With Editor The navigational view links to the editing view, which helps you keep track of what you are working on. The default is unchecked.
Show Information Area The Information Area (pane) appears below the navigational pane. The default is unchecked.
Show Resource Part A Resources pane appears below the navigational pane, showing the element's path. The default is unchecked.
Show Column You can select the columns that appear in the navigational pane. The default is that all of them appear.
Scope Type

You can specify the cartridges you want to view.

  • Cartridge - uses the cartridge selected for Cartridge in Scope.
  • All Cartridges - all cartridges are searched, including API library cartridges
  • Project Cartridges - only your local project cartridges are searched and API library cartridges are ignored.
Cartridge in Scope You can select one of the cartridges that are available to you, thus helping you focus on a particular area.
Filters You can specify the following filters:
  • Hide Overridden Elements
  • Hide Invisible Elements


You can also use these shortcut icons (not all of these icons appear in every view):

Icon Use to . . .
Refresh selected items
Show the property of the selected item in the Property view.
Link the selected object with the Editor area.
Toggle between showing the information area and hiding it.
Toggle between showing resources view and hiding it.

Collapse the navigation tree.
Show the entire tree, with the current selection highlighted in place.
Reset the root back to the original root, with that root highlighted.
Set the current selection as root and shows the tree beneath it.
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