Create a Storefront Project

How you create a storefront project depends on whether you are using SFRA or SGJC.

If you are using SFRA, see Adding Custom Cartridges.

If you are using SGJC, perform the steps below.

When you have installed UX Studio and downloaded the API source cartridges, you can create a cartridge for your code.

  1. Start UX Studio.
  2. Select File > New > SiteGenesis Storefront Cartridges.
  3. Select a Salesforce B2C Commerce Server, and click Next.
  4. Configure the cartridge, and then click Finish.
    1. Name: Enter a root name for the Storefront Cartridges.
      The name must begin with a letter and can include only letters, numbers, and underscores (_). We suggest using the naming convention HostnameProjectname.
    2. Location: enter a location for the project or accept the default, which is a projects directory outside t the workspace.
    3. Attach to B2C Commerce Servers: select the server connection to the instance where you want to upload code.
      Note: Use the controller cartridge. The cartridge is included for legacy projects that are migrating to controllers.
  5. Create a tern project, which provides code completion in the editor. If you do not create the tern project, code completion isn't available when editing scripts with Commerce Cloud APIs in Eclipse.

Troubleshooting Cartridges

If you don't see a cartridge named myname_storefront_core, it's likely that you created a New B2C Commerce Cartridge instead of a B2C Commerce Storefront Cartridge.

Fix: Delete the cartridge, and create the cartridge again.

If the server connection doesn't have two checkmarks next to it.

Fix: Delete the cartridge, and create the cartridge again.

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