Create a Proxy Server Connection for Studio

If the Salesforce B2C Commerce instance is behind a firewall, it can prevent you from accessing the instance from your local computer vial Studio. For personal firewall--disable the firewall. For corporate server--use a proxy server.

Windows-based proxy servers or Windows-based networks require NTLM authentication, and you must use the native provider. Other systems can use a director or manual provider.
Note: Studio interacts with remote servers via HTTPS. If your Proxy Server is configured for HTTPS traffic, use the HTTPS scheme in the Eclipse proxy preferences. However, if your Proxy Server is configured to use the HTTP, use the HTTP scheme in the Eclipse proxy preferences.
  1. (Windows) To use the native provider, first configure the proxy server information in Internet Explorer.
    1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options.
    2. On the Connections tab, click LAN Settings.
    3. In the Proxy server section, click Advanced.
    4. Configure the proxy information in the HTTP entry fields.
    5. Select Use the same proxy server for all protocols.
  2. In Studio, select Window > Preferences.
  3. Under General, select Network Connections.
  4. Select one of the following options for the Active Provider:
    • Direct--Instead of using a proxy, Studio uses a direct connection to a remote server.
    • Manual--Studio uses the proxy settings that you configured.
    • Windows--Studio uses the local system's proxy configuration. The information that you configured via Internet Explorer, is displayed in the Network Connections dialog box.
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