Salesforce B2C Commerce Forms Components

When using B2C Commerce forms, you work with the following key components:

Component Use this to...
Business Objects Access data dynamically, as opposed to using hard-coded data.
Form Definition Define form elements, actions and data validation.
Template Render in-memory form instance data on a browser, and process actions
Script Process in-memory form instance data, for example, save it to a database.
Resource File Define locale-specific browser messages.
Form Pipelets Clear, create or extract an in-memory form instance as defined by form definitions.
Interaction Continue Nodes Call a template that renders in-memory form data on a browser, and pass processing to named actions.
Interaction node Call a template that accesses an in-memory form instance.
Transitions Move processing to the next step upon the execution of a named form action in a pipeline

When you have added/modified these components to include your customized forms, you must integrate your changes into the existing application. For example, if you create a new subpipeline, you need to modify an existing template (by adding a new link) to call it.

See Form Components Working Together or the Forms Tutorial, or details on how to do this.

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