Options Form Element

The <options> element lets you specify a number of options within the context of a field. It must be a child of <field>. This element is represented by the dw.web.FormOptions API class.

Attribute Description
optionid-binding Identifies the binding method to use when getting and setting option ID values.
value-binding The values of the option that are allowed, bound to an object.
label-binding The option label presented on the browser, bound to an object.

The previous attributes are similar to the <option> attributes, but they can be bound to an object.


This example (also used for <option>) specifies a list of identifying password questions in the profile form:

<field formid="question" label="Password Question" type="string" mandatory="false" binding="passwordQuestion">
		<option optionid="MothersMaidenName" value="Mother's Maiden Name"/>
		<option optionid="MakeOfFirstCar" value="Make of First Car"/>
		<option optionid="FavoritePetsName" value="Favorite Pet's Name"/>
		<option optionid="FathersFirstName" value="Father's First Name"/>
		<option optionid="PlaceOfBirth" value="Place of Birth"/>

In the previous example, the options are hard coded. You can also build this information dynamically by binding metadata to objects, which represent that data as in-memory tables.

Using the example, the SiteGenesis application currently hardcodes country abbreviations in the customeraddress form, as follows:

<field formid="country" label="forms.country" type="string" mandatory="true" binding="countryCode"
		<option optionid="" 	label="forms.customeraddress.selectone"	value=""/>
		<option optionid="US" 	label="country.unitedstates"	value="US"/>
		<option optionid="DE" 	label="country.germany" 	value="DE"/>
		<option optionid="CA" 	label="country.canada" 	value="CA"/>

With object binding, the pipeline could instead perform within a loop, a dynamic get to a country object as follows, picking up new countries as they are supported by the storefront.

<field formid="country" label="forms.country.countries" type="string" mandatory="true" binding="countryCode">
	<options optionid-binding="UUID" value-binding="UUID" label-binding="country"/>

See Object Binding with Forms.

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