SiteGenesis Search Triggered Banner

In the SiteGenesis application, you can define flexible banners on the search results page that are triggered when the customer enters certain search terms in the search field.

SiteGenesis allows you to highlight sitewide information in a banner when a user searches for products. You can choose to display a search result banner that is displayed whenever a customer uses the search function, or a keyword banner that is specific to the keyword a user searches for.

To display a search result banner, you must add a content slot to the site search page template.

With a keyword banner, if the customer enters television, a special television banner appears on the search results page because there’s a related content asset, as follows: id=keyword_television.

When the search term (keyword) matches the ID of the content asset, Salesforce B2C Commerce shows the banner related to the content asset instead of the banner assigned in the global slot, which typically occurs. The content asset containing the banner must be in the Search Banner library folder.

To use a keyword triggered banner, you must use the Keyword Merchandising Banner cartridge.

To create a keyword search triggered banner:

  1. In Business Manager, navigate to Merchant Tools > Content > Library Folder.
  2. If the SearchBanner folder doesn’t exist, click New, and use the following configuration settings:
    • Name: Search Banner
    • ID: Search Banner
    • Select Online.
  3. Select the SearchBanner folder, and click New.
  4. Configure the keyword and assign the banner with the following settings:
    • ID: keyword_<search term>
    • Name: The search term used in the ID.
    • Select Online and Searchable.
  5. However you assign banners, assign the banner to the content asset in the body and click Apply.
  6. In Business Manager, navigate to Merchant Tools > Search > Search Index, and rebuild your product and content index.

    In your storefront, searching for the term specified early now displays the assigned banner along with the results.

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