Studio File System

When you install and configure UX Studio, you choose the location of the various files.

Files Location example Notes
Executable UX Studio files c:\studio\Studio (default) Microsoft Windows only.


Should be different from executable file location.

Server and property files are stored in Workspace folders. These files change infrequently and are usually specific to the local Studio environment.

  • Consists of projects, files and directories
  • Can contain multiple projects from multiple repositories
  • Files are created as standard files, which allows use of tools/editors
  • Contains .metadata (plug-in subdirectories)
Server files


Cannot be the same as the Workspace location, or unexpected results will occur.

You can create multiple server connection cartridges within your Studio workspace.

Contains .settings and .project files.

Warning: Don't modify server files, or unexpected results will occur.
Project-specific files, including new cartridges, pipelines and templates c:\projects\MyStore

Use separate (project) folders to store cartridges and other files that change frequently. These files should also be under source control.

  • Can be opened, closed, built or shared
  • Can consist of one or more cartridges
  • Each cartridge contains directories for forms, pipelines, scripts, static files, templates, webreferences files and a <cartridge_name>.properties file, which enables the system to load and run the cartridge.
  • You can store cartridges in one or more local directories.
  • You can rename cartridges
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