Coupon document (Data API 23.2)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a coupon.

Property Type Constraints Description
case_insensitive Boolean   True if a coupon is case insensitive; false otherwise. This attribute on the coupon can not be modified after the coupon has been created. If an attempt was made to modify this the system would return CouponUpdateForbiddenException
coupon_id String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The id of the coupon.
creation_date Date   Returns the value of attribute 'creationDate'.
description String maxLength=4000, minLength=0 The description of the coupon.
enabled boolean   A flag indicating whether the coupon is enabled.
exported_code_count Integer   The number of coupon codes attached to the coupon that have been issued (request search only).
last_modified Date   Returns the value of attribute 'lastModified'.
link String   A link to the coupon.
multiple_codes_per_basket boolean   True if a coupon with multiple codes can have different codes used on the same basket or order. If the coupon type does not support this configuration, this will return false.
redemption_count Integer   The number of times the coupon has been redeemed (request search only).
redemption_limits RedemptionLimits   The redemption limit per coupon code.
single_code String maxLength=256, minLength=1 Single coupon code, only valid for Single Code type
system_codes_config CouponSystemCodeConfig   The configuration of system coupon codes, including pre-fix and number of codes
total_codes_count Integer   The total number of coupon codes associated with this coupon
type Enum {single_code, multiple_codes, system_codes}   The type of the coupon code.
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