OCAPI System Jobs 23.1

What are System Jobs?

System jobs are predefined jobs that are called via the following OCAPI request:

POST dw/data/v23_1/jobs/{job_id}/executions

Calling this resource triggers a background job and retrieves a response document containing information about the job's status. Note that different System Jobs may use different request payloads.

The job ID always starts with sfcc-. This is a namespace specific to Commerce Cloud System Jobs. You cannot use it in custom job IDs.

Currently available system jobs can be found in Global Jobs.

What does a System Job request look like?

A System Job request looks like a basic OCAPI Data API request, but can have its own request document. An example is shown here for the site archive import job:

      POST /dw/data/v23_1/jobs/sfcc-site-archive-import/executions HTTP/1.1
      Host: example.com
      Accept: application/json
      Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
          "file_name": "siteGenesis.zip",
          "mode": "merge"

      HTTP/1.1 202 ACCEPTED
      Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
      Content-Length: 741
          "_v" : "23.1",
          _type": "job_execution",
          "client_id": "[your_own_client_id]",
          "execution_status": "pending",
          "id": "42",
          "is_log_file_existing": false,
          "is_restart": false,
          "job_id": "sfcc-site-archive-import",
          "log_file_name": "Job-sfcc-site-archive-import-20170512142357242.log",
          "modification_time": "2017-05-12T14:23:57.316Z",
          "parameters": [ {
            "_type": "job_execution_parameter",
            "name": "ImportMode",
            "value": "merge"
          }, {
            "_type": "job_execution_parameter",
            "name": "ImportFile",
            "value": "siteGenesis.zip"
          } ],
          "status": "PENDING"
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