OCAPI versioning and deprecation policy 23.2

This document describes the versioning and deprecation policy for the Open Commerce API (OCAPI). This policy is designed to

Version creation and deprecation

A new OCAPI version is created whenever Digital:

Whenever Digital creates a new OCAPI version, it also deprecates the former OCAPI version. This encourages customers and developers to:

Version numbers

Digital constructs OCAPI version numbers by taking the last two digits of the current year ("13" for 2013), adding a period (.), and adding consecutive numbers, starting with 1. For example, "13.1" is the first version of 2013.

Depending on the context, the version number is specified differently:

Version lifecycle

Version State Support Description
Current Yes The newest version. Always develop new applications using the current version. Commerce Cloud ensures that an OCAPI version is supported for at least two years. During this period Digital ensures the stability and backwards-compatibility of the version enclosed feature set.
Deprecated Yes Digital deprecates an OCAPI version when a new version is published. Support, stability, and backwards-compatibility are ensured for up to two years after the publish date.
Obsolete No Deprecated versions become obsolete automatically two years after being published. Digital deletes obsolete versions without further notice.

Notification process

Digital notifies customers about new and deprecated versions on the XChange portal and in the Digital Release Notes.

X OCAPI versions 15.x and 16.x will be retired on March 31, 2021. For dates and more information, see the OCAPI versioning and deprecation policy and this Knowledge Article.
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