Company shipping hours

Order Management provides you with the ability to support configurable rules for fulfillment site availability. Availability refers to the days and hours when a site can accept an allocated shipping order. The shipping availability rules can be defined as inclusive (specifying hours when shipping is available) or as exclusive (specifying hours when shipping isn't available). For example, a company-level setting could define the shipping hours from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with open-ended start and end dates. The new availability rules work in conjunction with the existing expiration rules in the allocation process. The expiration rules now ignore times when a site isn't available, so when a shipping order is allocated to a site that is currently not available, the expiration timer won't start until the site becomes available.

You can override the company-level settings for individual sites to define their own site-specific hours. For example, if by default sites are open on Mondays, a site that is closed on Mondays could have a site-level configuration that simply removes Mondays from the configuration for that site. See Managing Site Shipping Hours for information on configuring shipping availability for individual sites. If site-level availability isn't set, the company-level settings serve as the default values.

Note: Allocation ranking rules can be used in conjunction with fulfillment site availability in order to prioritize sites in or exclude sites from allocation and to determine how Items in an order will be fulfilled. See Site Ranking Rules.

To configure the company-level hours for fulfillment availability, follow these steps:

  1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Allocations.
  2. From the Order Allocation Preferences page, select the Company Hours tab.
  3. From the Company Shipping Hours form, enter the following information for the company's shipping availability:
    • Type drop-down: Select one of the following to determine company shipping availability:
      • Shipping Hours Inclusion - for dates, days, and/ or times when the company is available for shipping
      • Shipping Hours Exclusion - for dates, days, and/ or times when the company isn't available for shipping
    • Start Date and End Date: The dates when company sites begin (start) and stop (end) any shipping operations. If you don't enter dates, the shipping hours settings are considered to always be in effect.
    • Days of the Week checkboxes: Select the checkboxes for the days of the week when the company is available for shipping. This is important when the start and end dates extend over a long period of time (or when no end date is specified). For brief start and end date ranges, if you don't enter any days of the week, Order Management determines the day of the week based on the start or end date. For example, if a shipping hour exclusion is set for September 7, 2015, and no day of the week was selected, the system determines that this date occurs on a Monday.
    • Start Time and End Time: The time when the company opens (start) and closes (end) any shipping operations on each day. If AM or PM isn't entered, the default is AM.
  4. Click the Add icon () to save this row of information. A new blank row appears. Repeat for each shipping hour inclusion or exclusion.
  5. You can also perform the following functions:
    • To edit shipping hours, click Edit for the shipping hour row you want to change. All fields appear in Edit mode. Click Update to save the changes, or click Cancel to discard the changes.
    • To delete shipping hours, click the trash can icon () for the shipping hour row you want to delete. The row disappears from the shipping hours.
  6. Click Update to accept these company hours or click Cancel to discard the information.
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