Email Manager

The Email Manager can be used to search and manage user-initiated emails in Order Management that might require follow-up action. The Email Manager gives a summary of user-initiated correspondence with customers via email. Emails can be located using several search criteria. The detailed content of all user-initiated emails is stored in the Customer's Activity Manager. If the email is initiated from a Customer's Sales Order, then the detailed contents of the email are automatically stored in the Activity Manager of the Sales Order and the Activity Manager of the Customer. Order Management only initiates email service when a public email address has been specified in Settings > Preferences > Company. See General Preferences. A second email address might be specified where copies of all outgoing emails are automatically sent.
Note: The content of automated emails sent by Order Management are controlled in the Template Manager.

The creation of a mass email list is done through Order Center's SDK by a developer or through the Job System: Export - Data > Customers. This Job might create lists based on Attribute filters. Example Attributes on Customer records that drive mailings include mailing list memberships, opt in/out, and campaigns. Mass emails are sent using almost any third party. Most of these parties consume the flat files that are produced by the Job system. Most charge a fraction of a penny per 1000 emails sent. If there is an issue with blocking one party's mailer (we strongly discourage spam), simply choose another party's mailer and, if needed, adjust the Job to alter the output file.

To search for user-initiated emails, follow these steps:

  1. In the Customers accordion menu, select Email Manager. A Quick Search drop-down list appears with the options to narrow the search list.
  2. Select the status of the emails, such as Drafts, Sent and Waiting Response from the Quick Search drop-down list.
  3. Click Search. A search results list of emails appears. Information on this page includes the following sections. Note that any column heading that is underlined can be used to sort the results.
    • Email Date link: When selected, the Email detail page appears. This is a display-only page except any Linked Records.
    • Subject: Shows the Subject of the email.
    • Status: Shows the status of the email such as Draft, Sent, or Waiting Response.
  4. Review the information on the Email detail page including:
    • General Information including Date, originator and recipient email addresses, and Subject of the email.
    • Body of the email.
    • Linked Records. Any Linked Record links, such as Customer link, open the Customer Detail page associated with the email.
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