Inventory - Pricing

The Pricing settings let you enable and manage complex price levels. Price levels are used to set item prices based on factors other than the defined base price, such as purchase quantities or loyalty memberships. Note that while this page is used to create price level codes and descriptions in the system, their actual behavior is defined for individual catalogs, items, and customers.

To enable the rules and complex pricing and add price levels, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings accordion menu, select Preferences.
  2. Click the Inventory tab.
  3. Click Pricing. The Rules and Complex Pricing page appears.
  4. In the Rules section, select Aggregate Quantities on Child Variation to consider all child items of a master item as a single quantity when determining the price level.
  5. In the Complex Pricing section, select Enabled to enable the listed price levels.
  6. To add a price level, enter a price code in the text field and click Add Price Level. The added price code appears in the list.
  7. Click Edit for the newly added price code. You can modify the code or description. (The Select link is deprecated and has no function.)
  8. Click one of the following
    • Update to save the changes.
    • Cancel to discard the changes.
    • Trash can icon (???) to delete a price level.

The following table describes the parameter fields and buttons on the Rules and Complex Pricing page.

Section Fields and Buttons Description
Rules Aggregate Quantities on Child Variations checkbox If this box is checked, then child items belonging to the same master item is combined when calculating purchase quantities for the purpose of determining the price level. If it isn't checked, each purchased child item variation is considered separately.
Complex Pricing Enabled checkbox Enables the use of price levels in the system.
  Add Price Level field and button Enter a price code in the text field and click Add Price Level.
  Code column Code for the price level.
  Description column Description of the price level code.
  Select link Deprecated.
  Edit link Edit the Code or Description for a price level.
  Trash can icon ( ??? ) Deletes the price level code and description from the table.
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