Object-related managers

A number of menus in the Administration module can be used to work with Order Management objects and their workflows. You access these menus from the left navigation panel. The following table lists these menus and the purpose of each. Use the links for additional details on each manager. See Order Management Objects for details on objects. See also Object Manager for details on configuring objects.
Object Manager Use to:
Inventory Manager
  • Access item queues, for example, alerted items, available items.
  • Quick search for items by item #, UPC #, and keyword.
  • Add and edit items and item sets.
  • Add items to categories, hide, show, suspend.
  • Recount items within each category.
Orders Manager
  • Access order queues, for example, incomplete, waiting fulfillment, unreconciled orders.
  • Access payment queues, for example, unattached, orphaned, alerted payments.
  • Find, select, and operate on orders. For example, advance workflow, create email batch, clear alert.
  • Add and edit orders and payments.
  • View sales reports for selected time spans.
Payment Manager
  • Access payment queues. For example, unattached, orphaned, alerted payments.
  • Find, select, and operate on payments. For example, advance workflow, suspend payment.
  • Add and edit payments.
  • View payment transactions for selected time spans.
Invoice Manager
  • Access invoice queues, for example, invoices to fulfill, unpaid invoices.
  • Access credit memo queues, for example, credit memos to approve, unapplied credit memos.
  • Find, select, and operate on invoices and credit memos. For example, print invoices, print credit memos, suspend invoices.
  • View reports for accounts receivable and sales summaries by item and customer for selected time spans.
Note: The Credit Manager accesses the same page.
Shipping Manager
  • Access shipping order queues, for example, shipping orders waiting assignment, pick/pack, or fulfill.
  • Find, select, and operate on shipping orders. For example, move to a specified site, print pick/pack sheets, pack lists, pick labels.
  • Add and edit shipping orders.
Note: Use the related Shipping Portal to perform bulk operations on shipping orders in particular states.
Vendor Manager
  • Find, select, and operate on vendors
  • Add and edit vendors.
PO Manager
  • Access purchase order queues, for example, incomplete purchase orders (POs), purchase orders waiting approval.
  • Find, select, and operate on purchase orders. For example, print, email, suspend purchase orders.
  • Add and edit purchase orders.
Customer Manager
  • Access customer queues, for example, waiting approval, closed.
  • Find, select, and edit customers and organizations.
  • Add customers and organizations.

Report Manager

  • View the latest active reports.

Activity Manager

  • Find, select, and edit activities.
  • Add activities.
  • Assign codes and result codes to activities. (Only available if the system integrator has configured the pick lists to contain codes.)
  • Notifies user of activities they need to follow up on.
Email Manager
  • Find emails - drafts, emails that have been sent, and those waiting for a response.
  • View the customers who received an email and the orders referenced.
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