Payment Manager

The Payment Manager can be used to track and manage payments in Order Management. Order Management supports credit cards, PayPal, and gift cards, in addition to other payment methods, which interface with a wide variety of external payment processing services. You can check the status of one or more payments on a daily, weekly, or as-needed basis. Payment processing is configured by setting up one or more payment providers. A payment provider associates each payment method with an external payment processor. See Settings for configuring payment processors and payment methods. Order Management supports credit card payments, payments in advance, and payment terms. See Payment and Billing.

Payments are applied to invoices. Usually, payments are handled without user intervention – B2C Commerce handles the initial payment, and Order Management automatically generates invoices and applies payments to them. However, sometimes you must enter or process a payment manually. These actions are performed in Order Management Administration; most of them are not available in Customer Service Center. See Customer Service Center.

The Payment Manager dashboard contains the Payment Summary and Payment Overview sections. The Payment Summary lets you act on any outstanding payments. See Queues for details on the Payment Queues. The Payment Overview section lets you generate an overview report of all recent payment activity. You can also search for payments using the Search form at the top of the Payment Manager page. All banking transactions happen on the Payment details page, which can be accessed through Payment Manager or by linking through the Order details page.

To access the Payment Manager, select Payment Manager from the Accounting accordion menu. The Payment Manager page appears. From here you can do the following:

See Handling Payments in the Administration Module for detailed steps on these and other payment-related operations that you can perform from the Payment Managers. These operations include:

This topic includes the following sections:

Payment Manager Dashboard

The following table describes the components of the Payment Manager dashboard:

Fields and Buttons Description
Payment Summary section Shows a list of payments in states that require attention. Click [view] next to the workflow state to open a list of payments in that state. The workflow states include the following:
  • Alerted
  • Unattached
  • Orphaned
  • Waiting Authorization
  • Waiting Allocation
  • Waiting Capture
  • Waiting Application
  [view] link Shows the full list of search results of payment records in the selected workflow state.
New Payment link Opens the New Payment page where you can add a payment to an existing order. See New Payment.
Payment Overview section View reports of payment activity over a selected time period. First select a time period from the first dropdown list, select PDF or Excel from the second dropdown list. and then click the Summary, Applications , or Transactions link. A report is shown for that time period and in the requested format.
  Summary link Opens a report with information about payments that were captured during the selected time period.
Applications link Opens a report with information about payments that were applied to invoices during the selected time period.
Transactions link with For date dropdown and format dropdown Opens a report with information about payments that were authorized and/ or captured during the selected time period.
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