Payment Provider

The Payment provider is used to associate acceptable forms of payment (payment methods) with third-party payment processors. Payment providers are set up to map the supported payment methods to the payment processor for transactions in the payment workflow. The payment methods are used during the sales order workflow on a website, retail store, or through Customer Service Center.

The available methods and processors are based on the settings in the Payment section of the External Processors - Payments. The default payment methods include:

American Express



Bank Card

Gift Card


CustomCharge1 – CustomCharge15 and Custom1 - Custom15

JCB Card


Diners Club






Note: The CustomCharge and Custom methods refer to custom payment methods that can be configured. For example, store cards, credit cards, debit cards, online banking, settlement on delivery. This provides merchants with the ability to process orders related to multiple payment methods. These custom methods would then need to associate the custom payment method to a payment processor. In addition these payment methods must be selected in the Payment Methods pick list. See Pick Lists.

You can set the free-form terms and description, which defines a text block that describes the payment terms, for display during the payment part of the Sales order.

To associate a payment method with a processor, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings accordion menu, select Providers. The Providers Manager page opens.
  2. Click the Payment link under the General group. You can set up payment providers for different sites and catalogs. For example, you might use different processors for different sales channels or different brand websites. The Payment Object Configuration page opens.
  3. Select a payment method from the Payment Method drop-down and click Add.
  4. Select the processor from the Processor drop-down.
  5. To define a text block describing payment terms, select Freeform Terms & Description from the settings drop-down and click Add Individual Setting.
  6. Click Update to save the changes, click Cancel to close the page without saving and return to the Provider Manager page, or click Clear Configuration to clear all settings on the page.

The following table describes the settings, fields, and buttons.

Fields and buttons Description

Profile drop-down

A list of custom profiles where you can assign a profile to the Object (Company, Catalog, or Site) for the Payment Provider. See Configuring Providers for steps to create a definition for a provider.

Payment Method drop-down

A list of payment methods. For example, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, gift card, cash, check. The available methods are based on the settings in the Payment section of the External Processors Preferences.

Add button

Click to accept this payment method. The payment method appears in the list of payment methods.

Payment Method

Column shows the pre-configured list of payment methods, which can be associated with a third-party processor.

Processor drop-down

A list of the third-party processors associated with that payment type.

For example, for payment method = American Express, the processor might be:

  • Authorize.Net COM – Authorize.NET CIM account
  • Paymentech Orbital Gateway – Paymentech Orbital Gateway account

Setting drop-down

A list that contains the Freeform Text & Description setting. This setting appears in the Customer Service Center when entering the payment information for an order.

Add Individual Setting button

Click the Freeform Text & Description setting. The setting appears in a list with the Label and Data fields. The Data field is a free-form text field.

Trash can icon (???)

Deletes the setting in the list.

Update button

Saves the setting changes.

Cancel button

Closes the page without saving the changes.

Clear Configuration button

Clears all settings.

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