Pick Lists

The pick lists setting in the Administration module defines the choices available in various dropdowns used throughout Order Management. Some lists are a pre-defined standard set of selections, while others are user-defined selections.

For example, select ‘Countries’ from the first dropdown list, select a country to include in that pick list, and then click Add Item. Repeat for each country.

The price adjustment reasons and the shipping order reject reasons can also be localized. Localized price adjustment reasons can be viewed in Customer Service Center, Fulfillment Center, and Retail Center. Localized shipping order reasons can be viewed in Retail Center.

The standard pre-defined pick lists include the following.

The user-defined pick lists include:

  • Activity Codes
  • Activity Results
  • Order Priorities
  • Order Return Codes
  • Shipping Order Assignment Reject Reasons (customizable) The reason fields can be localized.
  • Price Adjustment Reasons (customizable). Reasons can be generated from Salesforce B2C Commerce or can be added in Order Management. All reason fields (Label, Short Label, Description, Code) can be localized when the reason is added in Order Management. For B2C Commerce-generated reasons, all fields can be localized except the Code field.

To create a pick list, do as follows:

  1. In the Settings accordion menu, select Preferences.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Click Pick Lists. The System Wide Lists page opens.
  4. Select a list from the first dropdown. then, if applicable, select a pre-defined option from the second dropdown. Click Add Item or click Add All as applicable.
    Note: Buttons or dropdown lists can vary based on the pick list selected. For example, some pick lists options can be edited with the Edit link.
  5. To delete options in a pick list, click the trash can icon (???).
Note: It's important to define the payment and shipping methods. Other lists are optional. If selections are not made in the Cultures or Countries lists, then all choices are available.

The following table describes the parameter fields and buttons on the Pick Lists Preferences page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Pick list dropdown Dropdown list options:
  • Application Cultures: (pre-defined) This functionality is being deprecated.
  • Countries: (pre-defined) Used to identify the country.
  • Payment Methods: (pre-defined or custom)
  • Shipping Methods: (pre-defined or custom)
  • Object Tags: (pre-defined or custom) Identify or organize objects.
  • Activity Codes: (user-defined) Used in the Activity Manager.
  • Activity Results: (user-defined) Used in the Activity Manager.
  • Order Priorities: (user-defined) Assigned to orders; used to filter allocation jobs or for custom functionality.
  • Order Return Codes: (user-defined) Assigned to return orders.
  • Shipping Order Assignment Reject Reasons: (user-defined) Assigned to shipping orders when they are rejected in Retail Center.
  • Price Adjustment Reasons: (user-defined) Received from B2C Commerce price adjustments or manually added in Order Management. For example, a CSR can add a reason code for an appeasement or discount.
Note: The ID column is the database identification number for that item. For example, the shipping_method_ID.
Predefined dropdown A second dropdown list (if applicable). For example, for pre-defined pick lists, such as Payment Methods, the second dropdown shows the pre-defined payment method options. For user-defined price adjustment reasons and shipping order reject reasons, the second dropdown is for localization the reasons.
Add item button Opens the Label, Short Label, Description, and Code fields so you can add a selection.
Add All button Adds all the options. This button isn't available for all pick lists.
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