Pre-defined pick lists

Some pick lists have a pre-defined set of selections, some of which can also be customized. Selections that can be changed/customized also have an Edit link for that pick list selection. For example you can edit a payment method's fields from the Payment Methods drop-down. These include:

To create a Pick list using a pref-defined set, do as follows:

  1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Preferences.
  2. On the System Preferences page, click the General tab.
  3. Click Pick Lists.
  4. On the System Wide Pick Lists page, select a pick list from the first drop-down.
    • For pick lists that have pre-defined choices, select a choice from the second drop-down. Click Add Item to add the selection to the list. Or, click Add All to add all the predefined selections that are listed in the second drop-down.

      For example, select ‘Countries’ from the first drop-down list, then select each country to include in that pick list, click Add Item, and then repeat for each country.

    • For pick lists that can be customized, click the Edit link in its row. The Label, Short Label, Description, and Code fields and Visible checkbox are in edit mode. See the table below for descriptions of the fields and buttons on this page.
      Note: Up to 10 custom shipping methods can be configured. When configured, the shipping method appears as drop-down list shipping method options in other Order Management modules, such as Retail Center.
    • Note: For shipping methods only, the tracking URL field is configurable. The {id} parameter in the URL reflects the tracking number that is assigned to the shipment. When a tracking URL is edited/changed, it's shown in bold text; default URLs are unavailable. Tracking URLs can be shown in all Order Management modules. For example, the tracking URL can appear in emails if added to the email template or in reports.
    • Click one of the following:
      • Update to save the information.
      • Cancel to ignore the changes.
      • Trash can icon (???) to delete the pick list.

The following table describes the parameter fields and buttons on the System Wide Pick Lists page for these pick lists. Note that the fields and links might vary based on the pick list selected.

Fields and Buttons Description
ID A database identification number for the Item. For example, the shipping_method_ID or payment_method_ID.
Label (Required) An identifier used to reference the selection, such as English - United States for the Country pick list.
Short Label (Required) An abbreviated identifier used to reference the selection in the various Order Management pages.
Description A detailed description of the selection.
Tracking URL Shows the default tracking URL associated with the shipping method (shipping carrier). The default URL is greyed out. Click the Edit link to customize the tracking URL. When the URL is changed, it appears in bold text. The customized tracking URL appears in Order Management modules, in reports, and in email templates.
Code An abbreviated code used to reference the selection.
Visible checkbox A selection in this box makes this choice visible in the drop-down.
Edit link Click the Edit link to customize the pick list selection.
Trash can icon ( ) Deletes the pick list selection.
Update button Updates the selection with the changed text.
Cancel button Discards any changed text for the selection.
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