Order Management Security supports role-based access to manage and provide the appropriate level of user access. The permissions to perform certain tasks are assigned to the specific roles. Order Management Administrators can create and manage users and roles in the Order Management modules via the Security accordion menu. Each Role is assigned a permission set, which is a group of rights or permissions. The permission sets vary according to the Role. Roles decide which functions are available to each user. Users who belong to that Role can access certain portions of the system.

For example, you could create a user, "John Smith", and then assign the 'Customer Service Manager' role to that user. The Customer Service Manager role can edit order line items in Customer Service Center, but a Customer Service Agent role can't.

Order Management user accounts in Account Manager are now part of the centralized account management in Commerce Cloud. This allows a unified authentication user profile and password in Account Manager and Order Management. You must create regular user accounts in Account Manager and give them either the Order Management Administrator or Order Management User role. However, you still create service and reporting user accounts in Order Management Administration. When a user logs in to Order Management for the first time, an Order Management account associated with the Account Manager account is automatically created. Accounts with the Order Management Administrator AM role are automatically assigned the Administrator role in Order Management, while accounts with the Order Management User AM role are automatically assigned the default role you specify in Security Preferences.

To access the Security menu, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings accordion menu, select Security.
  2. Select Users or Roles.

See the following topics for details on the Security menu options.

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