Fulfillment Site Manager

The shipping order allocation process has been enhanced to support configurable rules for fulfillment site availability. Availability refers to the days and hours when a site can accept an allocated shipping order. Availability rules can be configured at both the company and site level, with site-level settings partially or completely overriding company-level settings for specific sites.

The overall available hours for a site (based on both company- and site-level settings) can be viewed using the Effective Shipping Hours button. This achieves a full representation of fulfillment site availability in order to meet the needs of all customers.
Note: If site-level availability isn't set, the company-level settings serve as the default values. See Company Shipping Hours. If you set site-level hours for certain days, then company-level hours will be used for days not set at the site level.

To access the Fulfillment Site Manager, follow these steps:

  1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Fulfillment Sites.
  2. From the Fulfillment Site Manager page, you can search, create, and manage fulfillment sites and site shipping hours.
  3. Select the Enabled checkbox to enable the Fulfillment Site Manager functionality and show the existing fulfillment sites.
    Note: Salesforce recommends that you enable fulfillment sites, even if you only have one physical location. This helps with organization and is conducive to future growth. Each fulfillment site should have a code and a description. Individual fulfillment sites shouldn't be enabled until necessary. When sites are enabled, existing item Inventory levels must be reloaded and assigned to the appropriate sites.

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