Manage site shipping hours

In the Shipping Hours section, you can configure (create), edit, or delete the fulfillment site's available shipping hours. (See Company Shipping Hours for information about shipping availability.)

When you have completed adding the included and excluded availability times for the site, you can view the combined view of the company and site shipping hours. This gives a complete representation of fulfillment site availability. Note that site availability takes precedence over company availability.

To configure the shipping hours for a fulfillment site, follow these steps:

  1. From the Shipping Hours section on the Fulfillment Site detail page, enter the following information for the site's availability:
    • Type drop-down: Select one of the following to determine fulfillment site availability:
      • Shipping Hours Inclusion - for dates, days, and/ or times when the company is available for shipping
      • Shipping Hours Exclusion - for dates, days, and/ or times when the company isn't available for shipping
    • Start Date and End Date: The dates when the site begins (start) and stops (end) any shipping operations. If you don't enter dates, the shipping hours settings are considered to always be in effect.
    • Days of the Week checkboxes: Select the checkboxes for the days of the week when the site is available for shipping. This is important when the start and end dates extend over a long period of time (or when no end date is specified). For brief start and end date ranges, if you don't enter any days of the week, Order Management determines the day of the week based on the start or end date. For example, if a shipping hour exclusion is set for September 7, 2016, and no day of the week was selected, the system determines that this date occurs on a Monday.
    • Start Time and End Time: The time when the site opens (start) and closes (end) any shipping operations on each day. If AM or PM isn't entered, the default is AM.
  2. Click the Add icon () to save this row of information. A new blank row appears. Repeat for each shipping hour inclusion or shipping hour exclusion.
  3. You can also perform the following functions:
    • To edit shipping hours, click Edit for the shipping hour row you want to change. All fields appear in Edit mode. Click Update to save the changes, or click Cancel to discard the changes.
    • To delete shipping hours, click the trash can icon () for the shipping hour row you want to delete. The row disappears from the shipping hours.
  4. Click Effective Shipping Hours to show an overall view of shipping availability for the site. This is generated by combining all company- and site-level inclusions and exclusions, with site-level settings overriding company-level settings, to produce a schedule of times when the site is available to ship orders. The following fields appear:
    • Date: Shows a maximum date range of 8 days, with the first day represented by the day before the start date, followed by up to the next 7 days based on the start and end dates for the site or company. This is required in order to properly reflect time in UTC. See Global Time Zones and UTC.

      For example, if the start date was 09/02/16 and the end date was 09/30/16, then the Effective Shipping Hours for Site page would show the combined availability from 09/01/16 through 09/08/16.

    • Day (of the week): The day of the week that coincides with the specific date. For example if the date is 09/07/16, then the day (of the week) is Monday.
    • Start and End Time: The times that the fulfillment site begins and ends (stop) shipping on that date. This is in the time zone of the user's locale.
    • Generated By: Specifies whether the hours and dates reflect company-level rules, site-level rules, or both.
    • UTC Start and End Time: The start and end dates and times, converted to UTC.
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