Payment and Billing

Order Management supports credit cards, PayPal, and gift cards, as well as other payment methods, interfacing with a wide variety of external payment processing services. Payment processing is configured by setting up one or more payment providers. A payment provider associates each payment method with an external payment processor.

Accounting is managed using three object types:

Each payment in Order Management follows a three-step workflow:

  1. Authorization: funds are held but not yet captured.
  2. Capture (Ensure): funds are captured.
  3. Application: captured funds are applied to an invoice.

The timing of each of these steps in the overall order workflow can be configured to meet your specific business requirements. You can even set up payment terms that let selected orders be submitted and billed for future payment.

The Order Management interface includes three tools for viewing and managing payments:

Much of the functionality related to payments and billing can be automated. However, the Customer Service Center can be used for situations that require user input.

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