Browsing a Catalog

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can browse catalogs to gather information about a merchant's products.

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center, select Browse Catalog from the top menu.
    The Browse Categories page opens with the categories available for that merchant. You can search for a specific item or select an item or item category from the Categories panel.
  2. To show a specific item and its information, enter the item name in the Search field and click Search.
  3. Or, to select an item or view all the items in a particular item category, click the item name or the item category, such as Clothing, Furniture.
  4. The individual item or all the items in the category appear. For details on the item, click the item or the Read More links.
    The Item detail window opens with the attributes associated with the items, such as availability, cost, description, and an image (if available) of the item.
  5. Click X in the top right corner to close.
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