Canceling a Shipping Order

Order items waiting fulfillment can't be canceled, because a shipping order has already been created. It's also possible that the shipping order has been physically shipped, but has not yet been marked as such in the Order Management system.
  1. In the Shipping Orders section, you can cancel the entire order.

    You can also select Cancel from the Choose Action list in the Items section. If the item has already shipped, this creates a return. Select the quantity of the item to cancel from the Quantity list.

  2. Contact the fulfillment site to verify that the order has not been fulfilled. You can cancel a shipping order that is associated with the sales order only if it has not been fulfilled.
    Order items that are in Waiting Fulfillment status can't be canceled, because a shipping order has already been created. Or, the shipping order might have been physically shipped but has not yet been marked as shipped in Order Management.
  3. Click Suspend Order at the top right of the page to suspend the sales order while checking the status of the shipping order.
    While suspended, the order shows a Resume button instead.
  4. Click Resume to unsuspend the order.
  5. Click Cancel in the Shipping Orders section (if the order isn't in Closed status).

    Prior to allocation, Cancel/Return cancels the items, and after the order has been fulfilled, it initiates a return.

    When canceling items prior to order approval, the Customer Service agent has the option of refunding the shipping or handling costs if the Customer Service provider setting, Order Edit Unapproved Allow Component Retention, is set to true.

    This releases the items in the shipping order back to the sales order for re-allocation. The items are re-allocated when the next appropriate allocation job runs, or can be allocated manually in the Administration module as described in Creating Shipping Orders in the Administration Module.

    Note: CSRs do not normally have access to the Administration module.
  6. Click OK.

    This confirms that all items from the shipping order are canceled.

    The following information appears on the Order details page once a shipping order is canceled:

    • System Alerts appear with the cancellation information.
    • Shipping Orders section shows the new status of the canceled shipping order, such as Waiting Filing.
    • Activity History section shows activity entries with the cancellation information.
    • The order is placed in Suspended state. When ready to make the items available for reallocation, click Resume to remove the suspension placed on the order.
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