Customer Service Center supports new, existing, and prospective customers to gather information about a merchant's products. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) can browse through a catalog to assist a customer or can send a catalog to a prospective or existing customer. When a new customer calls to request a catalog, a customer record is created in Order Management. When a customer calls for information about merchandise, the CSR can browse a catalog to assist the customer. When the Customer Service Representative selects a catalog that is mapped to a Salesforce B2C Commerce site, the pricing and currency associated with that site is used.

Order Management supports different types of taxation policies including sales tax and Value Added Tax (VAT). Unlike sales tax, VAT is included as part of the item price. When browsing items in a catalog, the item details don't indicate that tax is included in the shown price. The CSR must be aware of the tax policy. See Value Added Tax for details.

Note: Product descriptions exist in merchant catalogs. If the catalog information has been translated, then descriptions are translated in Order Management.
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