Requesting a Catalog

A Customer Service Representative (CSR) can send a product catalog to a customer. When a catalog is sent to a customer, a customer record is created in Order Management.

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center, select Catalog Request from the top menu.
    The Catalog Request page opens with the customer fields. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).
  2. On the Catalog Request page, add the following:
    • *Country: list of countries configured in the Administration module. The country selected determines the address fields that appear. See Global Address Support.
    • Company: the company, if applicable, for the customer.
    • *First Name/Last Name: first and last name of the customer. Enter the first name into the first field, press Tab, and enter the last name in the second field.
    • *Address: address lines for the customer.
    • *City: city of the customer.
    • *State/Province: state/province (as applicable for the country selected) of the customer.
    • *Postal Code: postal code/Zip code (if applicable) for the customer.
    • Phone: primary phone number of the customer.
    • Email: primary email address of the customer.
    • *Confirm email: The primary email address is only required if one was added in the Email field.
  3. Click Register to save the customer information as well as initiate the request to send a catalog to the customer.
    A confirmation message appears, stating that this request was completed.
  4. Click Home to return to the Custom Service Center Home page.
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