Performing an Even Swap

With an even swap, you change an item that is a child variation of a master item to a different variation of that master item.

When applying an even swap, you can copy the item attributes over by setting the Clonable option for the custom attribute in Attribute Manager.

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center: search for and find an order.
  2. Click the order ID to open it.
  3. Verify with the fulfillment site that the shipping order has not yet been fulfilled. If it has, then you must create a return as described in Creating Returns in Customer Service Center.
  4. In the Items section, select Even Swap from the Choose Action list for that item.
    The Reship option is available if it was configured in Settings > Providers > Customer Service > Company Level link in the Administration module.
  5. Select the quantity of the item to swap from the Quantity list.
    The maximum is the quantity of the order item in the order.
  6. Select the item to swap into the order from the Item # list.
    Only child items of the same master item are included. The available quantity (On Hand minus On Hold) of each item appears in the list.
  7. Repeat the steps for any item that must be swapped.
  8. Click Calculate to recalculate the order amount.
    This is important because child variations of a master item might not all be the same price.
  9. Scroll to the Reason for Adjustment form.
  10. Select an Activity Code from the list.
  11. Select a Result Code from the list.
  12. Enter a subject in the Subject text field.
  13. Enter any notes in the Notes text field.
  14. Click Submit.
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