Searching for an Existing Quote

You can search for an existing order quotes that might ultimately convert into sales orders. Note that this link only appears in Customer Service Center if the Quotes module has been enabled in Settings > Providers > Customer Service in the Administration module.

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center: click Find Quote from the top menu or the Actions menu.
  2. On the Existing Quote Search page, select the search criteria from one or more lists to filter your search results. Use more than one search criteria to refine your search results.

    Available search criteria includes:

    • Catalog code: search based on item catalogs
    • Agent: search for quotes by the Representative who recorded them.
    • Quick Search: search based on specific criterion types including Quote number, Quote total, Customer number, or last name.
    • Date Range: search by date or date range. For example, search for today, this week, this month, or this year. However, remember that quotes are automatically deleted after seven days.
  3. Click Search.

    A search results box shows a list of quotes meeting the search criteria. The following information appears for each quote:

    • Quote No.: ID number for the quote (read-only). If you click the quote link, the Order Entry – Payments page appears. Any tabs not completed, such as Shipping, Payments, Review, have the alert icon (???) on the tab.
    • C: item catalog used as the basis of the quote, if any (read-only).
    • Last Updated: date and time that the quote was last updated (read-only). Note that the format of the date/time is based on the locale for the customer order. If you click the link, it sorts the date in ascending or descending order.
    • Customer: the name of the customer (read-only).
    • Line Items: number of items that comprise the order quote.
    • Currency: currency code of the customer order.
    • Total: total amount of the customer order.
    • Agent: name of the Customer Service Center agent who created the order quote.
    1. You can perform any of these further actions on a quote on the Existing Quote Search results page.
      • Void: deletes the quote.
      • Print: prints the quote information.
      • Email: shows the New Quote Email page to enable you to send an email to the customer. Email fields include:
        • Email address: shows a checkbox if an email address is on file. To send to another email address, unselect the checkbox and type a new email address in the To field.
        • To: email address of the customer who receives the email regarding the order quote.
        • From: auto-populates the email address of the CSR. This can be changed to another email address, if desired.
        • Cc: email address of additional recipients who will receive the email.
        • Subject: subject of the email, which would be regarding the customer's order quote.
        • HTML or Plain Text: shows the HTML or Plain Text radio button depending on the desired text format.
        • Regarding: list of possible reasons for the email
        • Copy Template: list of all available custom email templates.
        • Body: text for the email, which might use an email template, if selected.
        • Design: email content in the template format.
        • HTML: text in html format.
        • Preview: preview the email using the template format.
      • You can perform either of these further actions on the New Quote Email page:
        • Click Send to send the email to the customer
        • click Close to discard the email on the New Quote Email page.
  4. Select the quote from the list using the Quote No. link.
    The Order Entry page opens at the tab (Info, Cart, Shipping, Payments, Review) when the quote was saved. The five tabs progress you through the order process.
  5. You can view or continue populating the order on the Order Entry page.
    The alert icon appears on tabs that still require information in order to progress the order. When the information is populated on the page, the alert symbol disappears.
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