Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment Center is an optional Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Order Management, which you can customize to meet your requirements. It enables you to do the following:

Task Tool

Manage batches of shipping orders

Use Warehouse Manager to create and manage batch shipping orders. By combining related shipping orders into batches, you can print their paperwork and labels as a set and track when they have all been fulfilled.

Monitor shipping order queues

Monitor the Status of the System and the Shipping Order Workflow via information available in Fulfillment Center.
Perform warehouse tasks Use the Fulfillment Center Shipping Order Queue to manage shipping orders. From this queue, you can assign shipping orders to warehouse resources, print paperwork and labels, record packages and shipments, and mark shipping orders that have been fulfilled.
Pick, pack, and ship orders

Use Pick Station to pick items for shipping orders. This makes it easy to manage large numbers of picked items.

Use Pack Station to package Items for shipments.

Receive returns and manage site inventory Use Inventory Station to manage product inventory. This includes receiving deliveries and returned items, moving items between locations within the warehouse, and adjusting local inventory levels.

You can localize the Fulfillment Center user interface for a specific region, language, or market with locale-specific components such as currencies and formats for numbers, dates, time, and addresses. You can also customize Fulfillment Center to meet your requirements. The modules you see can vary depending on your configuration.

The following diagram summarizes the available workflows in Fulfillment Center:

Getting Started

Before using Fulfillment Center, you must configure the following:

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